What movies will be released in cinemas in 2024

What movies will be released in cinemas in 2024 ?

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Unfortunately, the corona disease had a great impact on the cinema industry and the public release of many films. But finally, many films have seen the color of the curtain with a long delay, and many of the broadcast and screening programs have been changed, but in the end, the slow return of cinema to normal days is a source of satisfaction. In this list, we have looked at the best movies of 2024, the ones we are most looking forward to seeing. What movies will be released in cinemas in 2024

What movies will be released in cinemas in 2024 ?

2024 can be full of quality and attractive movies. On the other hand, great non-American filmmakers are also working, and they will probably turn the eyes of critics and audiences towards them at various international festivals. Until then, this list can help you find your favorite movies and watch them when they’re available. So don’t miss the list of the best movies of 2024.

Madame Web

Director: SJ Clarkson
Starring: Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney and Emma Roberts
Product: America

A film from the world of Spider-Man with the difference that this time the main character is a woman played by Dakota Johnson. It seems that Marvel is going to make the same movie as the familiar Spider-Man, with the difference that it is influenced by the circumstances of these days and the protagonist is a woman. It is not known to what extent the absence of Peter Parker, the familiar hero of these films, can harm these new films, but it must be accepted that the best films of this expanding world so far are his presence, and the actor can be whoever he wants. have benefited


Director: Adrien Molina
Actors: Jonas Kibreb, America Ferrera and Brad Garrett
Product: America

It is the latest feature film of the Pixar company, which is supposed to be one of the films of 2024 that will be released in cinemas. Its story focuses on an 11-year-old boy who accidentally flies into space and accidentally lands on another planet where other creatures live. Now this 11-year-old boy unintentionally becomes the ambassador of the people of the planet in that new planet and interesting things happen to him.

The Fall Guy

Director: David Leach
Actors: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt
Product: America and Australia

These days, everyone goes to David Leach, the producer of first-rate action and combat films, to make action works. He has shown that he has great ability in making action and martial arts movies. But this time he is going to make a film whose story has similarities with his own life story in Hollywood, and in this sense, it can be called his best work.

Kung Fu Panda 4

Director: Mike Mitchell
Actors: Jackie Chan, Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie
Product: America

The creators of “Panda Kung Fu Kar 4” apparently have other dreams for us and are going to improve their animation work. Due to the fact that not much information is available and specific pictures of these people’s work have not been published, it is not possible to make a fair judgment from now on. We have to sit down and see what awaits us and what Hollywood has dreamed up for us this time centered on this garbage panda.

Dune: Part Two

Director: Danny Villeneuve
Starring: Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, Florence Pugh and Austin Butler
Product: America

When the first part of “Dune” was over, the audience had the feeling that they were left with a half-baked and confused film and missed something. Despite having a huge production team, Denis Villeneuve and his colleagues couldn’t offer the audience more than a few well-made sequences. The story of that movie ended when it seemed as if we were going to go to the battle and conflict sequences. But because this desire was not satisfied in the audience, this feeling of disappointment increased in the audience. Now we are going to go with a movie that takes place in the same atmosphere, but this time it does not send the audience out of the cinema hall empty-handed.

Snow White

Director: Mark Webb
Starring: Rachel Ziegler, Gal Gadot and Andrew Bernap
Product: America

Disney‘s remakes of classic animations have brought many complaints. They have really done strange things in some cases by going beyond any logic and stepping into the valley of pure irrationality, which few people believe. For example, these days the discussion about this version of “Snow White” is very hot. Many complain that the producers have used a non-white actor in the form of the main character of the drama, that is, Snow White, and they believe that the egalitarian movements are not going to violate logic and even the name of a movie. make fun of In any case, there is Hollywood and they are doing their job and have shown that they are also successful.

Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse

Directed by: Jaquim Des Santos, Kemp Powers and Justin K. Thomson
Actors: Hailey Stanfield, Shamik Moore, Oscar Isaac and Nicolas Cage
Product: America

Hollywood doesn’t give up on Spider-Man.. Until these new works, the “Spider-Man” cinematic universe seemed more complicated than any other superhero from the Marvel universe. This teenager, who was transformed into a helpful superhero by a simple bite, is designed in such a way that although it is an answer to fulfill the fantasy dreams of teenagers, it also has an attractive elegance. The hero of those now old stories had a difficult childhood and benefited from the love of those who are not his parents.


In the new year, many people are waiting for what movies will be released in 2024? We have introduced some of them in this article. We hope that these works will attract positive comments. Thank you for staying with us until the end of this article on Filmotime.

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