What animations will be released in cinemas in 2024

What animations will be released in cinemas in 2024 ?

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What animations will be released in cinemas in 2024

In the new year, cinema fans will surely have the question, what animations will be released in cinemas in 2024? Of course, the exact date of the official release of some of these titles is not known. Due to the strike of some Hollywood actors, the date of some animations is possible. is to change This article is only a relatively reliable guide for animations that will be released in 2024. filmotime

Despicable Me 4

Despicable Me 4

Release date: July 3, 2024
Director: Chris Reno
Voice actors: Steve Carell, Christian Wiig, Jason Segal
One of the animations that will be released in cinemas in 2024 is Despicable Me 4. Gru, the mastermind behind evil schemes and lovable minions, are back for another installment of the popular franchise. Patrick Delage and Chris Reno will direct this animation.

Dragon keeper

Release date: 2024
Director: Salvador Simo
Voice actors: Bill Nye, Anthony Howell, Bill Bailey
The story of this Spanish-Chinese animation directed by Salvador Simo takes place in Han, the Chinese Empire and follows the adventures of a slave girl and an orphan named Ping with the ancient dragon Long Danzi. When the dragons were banished from the kingdom, Ping finds one of the last dragon eggs. The palace guards force Ping to escape to return the dragon egg to the ocean and save all dragons from extinction. Ping discovers that he is a true nobleman and a Royal Dragon Guard. The voice actors of this film include Bill Nye, Bill Bailey, Anthony Howell and Myalin Griffiths.

The Garfield Movie

Release date: May 24, 2024
Director: Mark Dindal
Voice actors: Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham
Mark Dynal directs this computer animation based on Jim Davis’ lazy, lasagna-loving cat. Chris Pratt stars alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Nicholas Hoult, Cecily Strong, Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Bowen Young, and Ving Rhimes for this iconic cat animation.

Giants of La Mancha

Release date: 2024
Director: Gonzalo Gutierrez
Voice actors:-
Alfonso, Don Quixote’s 11-year-old heir, and his three imaginary rabbit friends try to save their beloved town of La Mancha from the Great Storm. Gonzalo Gutierrez is directing this new 2024 animation.

The Inseparables

Release date: 2024
Director: Jeremy Degrosan
Voice actors: Monica Young, Danny Feisenfeld, Oliver Paris
The screenplay of this family movie, made with special computer effects, was adapted by Bob Barlen and Cal Brunker from the original idea of Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow, the writers of the animation “Toy Story” (Toy Story) and directed by Jeremy DeGrossant. The film revolves around a runaway doll and an abandoned stuffed animal that cross paths in Central Park.

Inside Out 2

Release date: June 9, 2024
Director: Kelsey Mann
Voice actors: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lois Black
Pixar’s 28th film and the sequel to the 2015 Oscar-winning film follows the same young girl, Riley, as she grows older and discovers the new emotions that rule her world. This 2024 animated film, directed by Kelsey Mann in his feature film debut, from a screenplay by Meg Lofav, with the voices of Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lois Black, Tony Hill, Lisa LaPira and Maya Hawke (as Anxiety), will be released in June 2024. .

Kung Fu Panda 4

Release date: March 29, 2024
Director: Mike Michel, Stephanie Stein
Voice actors: Aquafina, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie
Mike Michell and Stephanie Stein direct the fourth cinematic adventure of the lovable hero Pooh (Jack Black), pitting him against a sinister and powerful foe, the Chameleon, while trying to find someone to replace him as Dragon Warrior. The main characters are voiced by Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman and Seth Rogen.


In the end, we must remind again that this article was written only to introduce what animations will be released in 2024 and their dates are not exact and some of them may change. Thank you for visiting our Filmotime.

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