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Lyric Ross

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Join FilmoTime as we uncover the secrets of this animated thriller and find out why Wendell & Wild has captured the imagination of fans around the world.


Wendell and the Wild, the upcoming animated film from visionary director Henry Selick, is eagerly awaited by animation enthusiasts. Set in the underworld, this highly anticipated production promises an enjoyable evil adventure. In this article, we dive into the enchanting world of Wendell & Wild and explore its unique blend of animation aesthetics, compelling storyline, and the talented team behind its creation.

Wendell & Wild design and scene

Wendell & Wild introduces us to two lovable devils, Wendell and Wild, who find themselves in a desperate situation when their evil cozy home is threatened. To preserve their way of life, they must face their greatest challenge yet: an attack by angelic beings. The story of the film takes place in the eerie underworld, where demons rule and a unique hierarchy governs their existence.

Wendell & Wild animation aesthetics

Wendell & Wild combines the eerie appeal of Henry Selick’s stop-motion animation with the visual appeal of anime. The character designs have expressive faces, intricate details and exaggerated features that capture the essence of anime art. The animation style accentuates the otherworldly atmosphere, immersing viewers in a strange yet ominous realm. From character movements to intricate backgrounds, every frame of Wendell & Wild is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that anime fans love.

Wendell & Wild creative team

Wendell & Wild has an impressive creative team bringing this unique vision of anime to life. Henry Selick, known for his work on stop-motion classics such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, directs the film. Selick’s meticulous attention to detail and ability to create an immersive world fits the demands of the anime genre. Additionally, the film features an exceptional voice cast, including famous actors who lend their talents to the evil duo and other fascinating characters.

Wendell & Wild themes and messages

Wendell & Wild explores themes of friendship, resilience, and self-discovery wrapped in an extraordinary narrative. The story follows the demons’ journey as they face their fears, learn to adapt, and find the strength within to overcome adversity. It resonates with viewers of all ages, encouraging them to embrace their unique qualities and find the courage to face challenges head on.

Wendell & Wild prediction and influence

Wendell & Wild has garnered considerable attention and anticipation in the animation community and beyond. The combination of Henry Selick’s distinctive animation style and anime appeal has piqued the curiosity of fans around the world. The release of this film is expected to have a lasting impact on the anime genre and the wider animation industry, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and visual art.


Wendell & Wild is a highly anticipated animated film that seamlessly blends the dark whimsy of Henry Selick’s stop-motion animation with the alluring aesthetic of anime. From its captivating plot and unique setting to its exceptional creative team, this delightful evil adventure promises to captivate audiences with its magical appeal. As we eagerly await its release, Wendell & Wild continues to build excitement and anticipation, showcasing the enduring appeal of the anime genre and its ability to transport viewers to fantastical worlds. Get ready to embark on an enchanting journey alongside Wendell and Wilde and immerse yourself in a world where demons, angels and anime aesthetics collide.


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