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In this article, we are going to review the top 5 Iranian movies in recent years. This list is related to the best and best-selling Iranian movies. Also, we introduce these films in Filmotime . Most of the films that have been released recently are valuable works that have won numerous awards in festivals. Even some of them have been praised by world critics for dealing with important issues and strong stories.


Ankbot is one of the top 5 Iranian films, directed by Ebrahim Irajzad and written by Oktay Brahni, which was released in 1400. This work was produced by Javad Norouzbeighi. The genre of this film is drama and social, and the production and release stages of this film began in 2018; But it was delayed.


Alafzarke appeared on the screen for the first time in 1400 at the 40th Fajr Festival and was able to win the award for best voice acting, best editing, best female supporting role and best screenplay. The director and writer of this film was Kazem Danshi, and this work is considered the first film of this director. The genre of this film is drama and crime, and it was able to attract the opinion of many audiences. The story of Alafzar is about an investigator who plans to get a transfer. ; But he notices some inconsistencies in his files and finds himself involved in this complicated case…

Layla brothers

Laila Brothers movie is considered one of the top 5 Iranian movies that has not had the chance to be screened in Iran. The film, which is one of the most controversial new films, is said by some to have political goals. According to many viewers, it is considered as the best Iranian movie 1401.
The story of Leila Brothers movie is about a very poor family whose father is very sensitive and prejudiced towards his family. In the meantime, the daughter of the family, Leila, is constantly trying to improve the situation and is trying to save herself from such an economic situation; Unaware that it is a big obstacle to his progress.

third World war

The World War III movie is considered one of the top 5 Iranian movies that became famous at the world level. Among these honors, we can mention the award for the best film and the best actor for Mohsen Tanabandeh. The story of this film is about a homeless man named Shakib, who cannot come to his senses for a long time after the tragic event that happened to him. He finds out that the place where he is currently working is supposed to be a filming location for a movie about Adolf Hitler. In the rest of the story, Shakib is given the role of Hitler and his life is completely changed.

private meeting

Private Meeting is another one of the top 5 Iranian films produced in the romantic genre. Parinaz Izdiyar and Hoten Shakiba, both of whom have been able to solidify their position among the best actors in recent years. The story of the movie Private Meeting portrays an attractive romantic narrative. which begins with a meeting in prison. In this movie, we have a girl named Parvaneh who is in contact with her father in prison through his cell phone. During this relationship with her father, Parvaneh met the owner of the phone, namely Farhad, which leads to the creation of feelings between the two.


Choosing the best Iranian movies is difficult; Because the Iranian film industry has very good films and with the emergence of new films, this has become difficult. Iranian cinema has made remarkable progress in recent years and has been nominated for an Oscar. However, in this article, we tried to introduce the top 5 Iranian films. We hope you enjoy watching these films.


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