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Whether we are Nintendo fans or not, we know that this Japanese gaming giant has managed to steal the hearts of hundreds of millions of gamers in the world and create eternal brands in this industry. TV or movie adaptations of Nintendo games, but until today, were works that could not be compared to the quality of Nintendo games. Now with the creation of Mario animation under the name of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, this spell has been broken and it can be claimed that the game entertainment giant has been able to produce an amazing work in this field along with animation artists.

Review of the animation The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Animation Movie is a successful adaptation of a video game that doesn’t have much of a story. In fact, if you have messed around with Mario games a bit (both the old works and the newer works made from this franchise), you know that the world of Mario games does not benefit from a special and strong story, and the story in these games is just an excuse to create It is a new game.

The idea of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

With this in mind, making an animation based on such a game is not an easy task because the animation cannot be satisfied only with its graphics and visual design and must also have a story to tell. The story of The Super Mario Bros. Movie is exactly the same story that is implemented in animation and the additional branches given to this story are very short and concise. In my opinion, the creators relied on Mario’s age and luckily they had a solid support and the decision they made was not a bad one.

Comments on The Super Mario Bros. Movie

There are two ways to face the animation of Mario: First, the audience who have no knowledge of this Italian plumber and sit at his feet, and the second category are the audience who have minimal information about Mario and watch it. (Here we have nothing to do with the third group who are Mario fans, their duty is clear, this animation belongs to them!) The audience who do not know about Mario and have not heard anything about it at all, are probably young children who still play the game. They did not experience Mario. These people will definitely be attracted to animation and its simple story and exciting scenes; Those people who have a relative knowledge of Mario will open their eyes to this work after seeing the Mario animation, and they will definitely enjoy the existence of a series of sequences.

Synopsis of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

We are in the animation The Super Mario Bros. Movie we get to know Mario the plumber and his brother Luigi; Two disillusioned people who quit their jobs and started their own business but are still not successful. Mario and Luigi to prove themselves to the people of Brooklyn; They enter the trapped pipes of the city to save the city but end up in another world.

In the world they entered, the turtles are evil characters, and their leader is a giant turtle named Bowser, who, having obtained the powerful star, now plans to marry the princess of the land of mushrooms, Princess Peach! Bowser’s love for Peach is a one-sided love, and Peach wants to rid her world of this evil turtle with the help of Mario.

The voice of the pioneers of The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The voice actors did their work with full skill, and Chris Pratt managed to make Mario’s voice, which until today was a thick Italian voice, his own. With the accent he added to his voice, he has done a tough job, and he can also satisfy the fans of two fire Mario. The rest of the voice actors also shined, such as Jack Black who did the best voice for Bowser and when he sings at the piano, he becomes a turtle Lady Gaga.

Comet The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Numerous references to the world of Mario games, along with various Istrags from Nintendo games; It has turned animation into an irreplaceable gem for game lovers of this company . The presence of Donkey Kong voiced by Seth Rogen is one of the best moments of the animation and he was able to turn this secondary role into a bold character during the animation . His wholes with the funny Mario are blown away and the comedy element of the work reaches a higher level after the hornless gorilla enters the scene . A series of characters such as Wario or Yoshi (for example, the small dinosaur in the world of Mario!), are not so present in the animation and are only mentioned; It seems that the creators had a dream for the Nintendo sequels to use the rest of the characters in these works.


The Super Mario Bros. Animation Movie is one of the best animations adapted from video games and has managed to make a popular animation out of a popular game and win the hearts of most of the critics and satisfy the fans and achieve a huge success at the box office. With the creation of works like Mario, the future of cinema adaptation from video games becomes brighter and it seems that we can be happy about the future.


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