The story of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom was revealed

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Jason Momoa, the brilliant actor of the Aquaman films, recently revealed more plot details of the highly anticipated film during an interview, which was mentioned in FilmoTime.

Making the movie and story of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

The filming of Aquaman 2, which is one of Jason Momoa’s best films, ended in January 2022, and the film had a test screening in the summer of the same year. Since then, the film has been reshot twice and has had several test screenings. One of the shows included Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdi, heads of Warner Bros., and played a creative role in re-editing the film. In the first version of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, we were supposed to see the return of Michael Keaton as Batman, who was supposed to have a role similar to Nick Fury in the DCEU.

All waiting

After the announcement of Ben Affleck’s appearance as Batman, it seems that Jason Momoa’s chest is still not empty of secrets and he continues to talk to fans about the Aquaman sequel, and every day more details of This movie reveals!

According to Momoa, there is a sequence in the film where Arthur appears at the United Nations and talks about an imminent threat. He also pointed out that this film, in addition to dealing with the usual issues of the superhero genre, points to the real issues and problems that currently exist on the planet and deals with the role of humans in the destruction of the planet and climate change.

Jason Momoa talks about this story

Aquaman is one of the superhero and attractive movies; But I think it’s great to be able to raise awareness about what’s happening to our planet. This is not a story that has been told many times before; This is something that is happening right now, with the difference that it is narrated in a fantasy world.
It seems that in the second movie we have to wait for the confrontation between the inhabitants of the deep sea and the earth. Also, considering the said things, Orm’s warnings in the first movie about the land dwellers approaching Atlantis and also threatening their lives, now seem more logical than ever.

Writer and director of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

The story of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom is directed by James Wan and written by Wan, Jason Momoa, David Leslie Johnson and Thomas Pa’a Sibbett. Jason Momoa, Patrick Wilson and Ben Affleck are among the actors of this movie. This movie will hit the silver screen on March 23, 2023 (April 3, 1402).


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