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Jennifer Lopez

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the mother 2023 is the story of a woman who as a mother has to distance herself from her daughter to save her life. But after some time, he enters her life again to save his daughter’s life.

The creators of the mother 2023

The director of this work is produced by Netflix and starring Jennifer Lopez in the main role. Other famous actors of the film include Gael García Bernal (in the short role of Hector) and also the young actor of the film who may be one of the future talents of Hollywood. Be: Lucy Paez (as Zoe).

Dassan’s summary

At first glance, the mother 2023 introduces an attractive summary to the audience: a mother, a veteran returned from the Afghanistan war and served in Guantanamo prison, finds herself in a situation where she has to leave her daughter in the hands of another to save her life. From this two-line summary, it can be seen that the film deals with interesting and attractive concepts that it can use a lot.

Positive points of the movie

There are one or two interesting features in the film that should be mentioned. One of these measures is the relationship between the mother and the white wolf in the film. A beautiful looking animal that has to take care of its cubs, and in this way it will not stop at any violence or work. The situation that the mother herself is in and even considers herself obliged to bring Zoe into it so that she can cope with it to some extent.

Another issue is the choice of the snowy, mountainous climate of Alaska as the mother’s place to live, which is in stark contrast to where Zoe lives (as well as where Hector lives, with those warm colors). The filmmaker’s aesthetic use of this apparent difference (the film’s conflict scenes in this area seem to have come directly from the snow sequence of Inception), apart from the emphasis on the similarity of the mountainous and snowy atmosphere with the mother’s character, is commendable.

The weak point of the film

The first negative point of the film is the very hasty and incomplete editing. In dialogue sequences, such as the one in question, editing prevents the creation of atmosphere, and in other more tense sequences, such as chase sequences, the wrong editing of the film causes the sense of continuity to be damaged.

And more importantly, it is not clear what place this sequence has in the heart of the narrative. Why is there such a meeting between FBI agents and this informant? It was pointed out that the exchanged information itself is very basic in the first place and does not seem to be of much use. Secondly, if the informant knows that the safe house has been revealed and everyone’s lives are in danger – even though she knows she is pregnant – why did she come to such a meeting in the first place?


Mother, known only by that name (played by Lopez), is a highly skilled sniper. His presence in the Afghanistan war and the military training he went through has made him a very accurate and professional killing machine. Anyway, it is a very interesting movie that you should take the time to watch.


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