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Ellen Burstyn

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The Exorcist: Believer is a 2023 horror, mystery and thriller film directed by David Gordon Green and produced by Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions and Morgan Creek Entertainment.

The making of The Exorcist: Believer

The screenplay of this movie was also written jointly by David Gordon Green, Peter Sattler, Scott Timms and Danny McBride, and the production of The Exorcist: The Believer is Stephanie Allen, Jason Blum, David Gordon Green, Julian Lavicka, Danny McBride, Nate Mayer, David Robinson, James J. Robinson, Cooper Samuelson, Jennifer Scudder Trent, Ryan Turk, Christopher H. Warner and Attila Saleh Yousser, and artists such as Leslie Odem Jr., Ellen Burstyn, Jennifer Needles, Ann Dowd, Lydia Jutt, Olivia Marcum, Rafael Sbardge, A.J. Bonilla, Anthony Crone, Nora Murphy, Emily Rachel Gordon, Chando Kanori and others have played roles in it.

The release of the movie The Exorcist: Believer

The movie The Exorcist: The Believer was first released on October 13, 2023 by Universal Pictures in the United States, England and Canada, then by the Peacock streaming service in the United States, England, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, South Africa and other countries were published online at the same time.


In The Exorcist: Believer 2023, Victor Fielding has been raising their daughter Angela alone since the death of his wife 12 years ago. But when Angela and her friend Catherine disappear into the woods and return three days later with no memory of what happened to them, a chain of mysterious events occurs that forces Victor Fielding to confront a terrifying and evil force. Victor is now panicked and desperate looking for Chris McNeil.


The movie The Exorcist: The Believer is the sixth part of The Exorcist series and acts as a direct sequel to the first part of The Exorcist 1973; The project was first officially announced in August 2020 as a reboot, and the production was identified as a direct sequel to the original film; In the movie The Exorcist: The Believer, the father of a demon-possessed child desperately seeks help from a man named Chris McNeil who has had similar experiences in the past; The movie The Exorcist: Believer is supposed to be the first of three new Exorcist movies, and the second part and its sequel, The Exorcist: Deceiver, is scheduled for release on April 18, 2025.


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