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The series The Crown, which deals with the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, won the award for the best drama series at the Golden Globes 2017 and the award for the best actress for Claire Foy. One of the first and most prominent non-American products of Netflix is called “The Crown”. About 120 million dollars have been spent.


The Crown is a British series in the mood of the classic series of ITV and BBC channels, the closest of which is “Downton Abbey”. The series that take place in the era before and after the Second World War and whose purpose is to portray the glamorous and classic era of this country, but it is dead and finished. When the country was still divided into two groups of lords and rich people and capitalists who lived in big palaces and mansions in the middle of vast plains and their serfs and servants who worked for them. With the difference that “Taj” has chosen historical characters for its storytelling, at the head of which is Queen Elizabeth II, and the series actually narrates the period of her rule, from how she suddenly came to the throne to the events that happened to her during this period.

The production of The Crown series

Sixty episodes are planned for The Crown. The first season generally introduces the character of Elizabeth. He has been in the administration of the country. At the time, the territories under the rule of the royal family were not limited to Britain, but also included 12 countries under the British colonial rule, including Canada, Australia and New Zealand, of course, all of them have become independent countries since then.

About the story

The series begins with the last days of the reign of King George VI (Jared Harris in a really painful and lovable role) (the same king that Colin Firth played in “The King’s Speech”). His eldest daughter Elizabeth (Claire Foy) has just started her life together with a witty boy named Philip (Matt Smith); The prince of Greece and Denmark who renounced his titles before marrying Elizabeth and became a British citizen, earning the title “Duke of Edinburgh”.

The Crown in cinema format

“The Crown” is one of the most prominent biographical/historical movies ever made on television. Just as horror, superhero and fantasy dramas and films had the opportunity to use the capabilities of this medium to narrate longer and deeper stories during the golden age of television, the same applies to “Taj”. If in the form of a movie it is only possible to deal with one or two of the most important events of the reign of a famous historical person like Elizabeth II, the series gives the creators the opportunity to deal with all the big and small aspects of her life, as well as the characters around her. and The Crown is exactly such a thing.

Composer of The Crown series

Hans Zimmer Yes, Hans Zimmer is the composer of the opening credits of the series, and after a long time without hearing about his heavy, violent, emotional and epic pieces, he has composed a piece for this series that makes you feel not the Queen of England before each episode, but You are watching the Batman series!

Characters of The Crown series

The Crown eats the bread of its characters. In a story where most of the audience knows the outcome of historical events and the fate of its characters and the conflict does not take place through action and death, the series must be very strong in terms of characterization and psychological exploration of its characters to remain engaging. The Crown is a character-oriented biographical series. Is. The main attraction of the series is not about the way a certain historical event happened and its detailed reconstruction, but about how the characters react when dealing with it and what emotion and chaos they feel in that moment. During the first season, you rarely find a completely black or white character.

Story writing series

The best kind of storytelling is when we can’t stop watching even though we know the ending. You can see a great example these days in the form of the series “Better Call Saul” or the movie “Jackie”, which is about the events after the assassination of John F. Kennedy was paying, see. “Taj” is not about the destination of these characters, but about the changes and transformations, pains, sufferings, temporary joys and hidden emotions that these characters felt at the moment.


Maybe a series about the young queen of Britain in the post-World War II era seems unimportant to those of us who live in Iran, but it is not so at all. The creators present their story in a universal way; so that it can be understood and engaging by everyone. In comparison, I have to point to “Little Big Lies” which, although it was about the fun and rich residents of the rich area in California, but it dealt with the feelings and problems that were the same and common to all people in the world. Although you may never find yourself in the shoes of a young politician like Elizabeth, The Crown makes you understand and immerse yourself in her struggle to understand and take control of her difficult situation.


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