The Bear

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Christopher Storer


Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White

Ayo Edebiri

Ebon Moss-Bachrach


The Bear series is a comedy drama directed by Christopher Storer and Joanna Calo.
In recent years, there were serials that became famous through advertising campaigns or famous movie stars. However, there are also serials that do not have so many advertising campaigns around them, are not sequels or based on well-known and popular works, and are not full of famous stars. Serials that maybe no one knows anything about before their first show. The Bear series is one of these series. A series produced by the FX on Hulu network that was able to attract the attention of the audience and critics to its exciting and lovable small world.

The story of The Bear series

The Bear is a comedy-drama series about the normal flow of everyday life and exploring its chaos and hardships and the struggle to control it. What do we do when in a moment, the reins of our daily life are lost and everything gives way to pure chaos?
A series about food, kebabs, sandwiches, desserts and donuts, crumpled aprons, nervous faces, tired and angry looks, the smell of sweat and moments of empathy and companionship and finally the feeling of satisfaction from experiencing a hearty taste. In its relatively short eight-episode period, The Bear series has a delightful flavor and flavor with an audible and diverse soundtrack and its unstoppable dynamics.

Effort is the key to success

In this series, we see no such sequence as a romantic relationship or a vengeful fight. Rather, we only go along with the efforts and cooperation of those who have decided to dedicate a part of their lives to a job they believe in. Like a character named Marcus, who obsessively seeks to make the most delicious and attractive donuts.
Characters who seem to all suffer from depression and are addicted to all kinds of painkillers.


The Bear is a series that talks about humans very carefully. About us and the people we can see around us. Seeing the characters hanging around in this troublesome little kitchen, teasing each other, arguing with each other, yelling at each other, admiring each other, respecting each other’s ideas. And they try to take on new challenges, it’s charming and endearing, even if it can be annoying at times. Characters who ultimately help each other to overcome obstacles and move forward. Filmotime suggests watching this series.


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