The Afterparty

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Christopher Miller


Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish

Zoe Chao

Sam Richardson


Christopher Miller is a person who can entertain the audience with his works, which is one of the most important qualities of a creator. He, the creator of The Afterparty series, is not only good at humor and a good comedy writer, but with The Afterparty series, he shows that he is a storyteller who can work with different themes.


The Afterparty series is the story of a high school reunion party after 15 years. Each of these people have followed a different path and have different relationships with each other. The most famous of them is a pop singer named Xavier who is murdered at this party. Detective Denner is the first detective to arrive at the scene of the murder and aims to find the killer before his former police academy classmate, now a top detective, arrives.

Serial genre

Using a comedy atmosphere to tell a crime story is a big risk that Chris Miller has taken. He must tell a crime and mystery story in a way that the audience, from the very first episode, along with the characters of the film, especially the police officer who is looking for the murderer, searches for different clues and discovers the murderer. Watching a mystery police work is one of the most attractive movie and television genres because it involves the audience in the investigation process.


The Afterparty is an entertaining crime comedy series. Each episode of this series (minus the last episode) has a different style and style and is defined in a different genre.
At first glance, The Afterparty doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a serious series about solving a murder case, but thanks to a good script and direction by Chris Miller and a talented cast, not only is The Afterparty funny and funny, but the whodunit mystery at the core of the series is somehow It becomes convincing and its flaws can be ignored.


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