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Park So-dam

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The Korean movie Special Delivery (Special Delivery), which is also known as Special Delivery, is the name of an action, crime, thriller film produced in South Korea, written and directed by Park Dae Min, which was produced in 2022.

Summary of the story of Special Delivery

The story of the movie Special Delivery is about a woman named Jang who has a secret job. She does unusual requests for transportation and relocation with 100% success. One day she is forced to move a little boy. He is with a police officer who is looking for someone who has the security key to a $30 million account.
Kyung Pil, a police officer and the mastermind behind an undercover gambling operation in Seoul, is on the hunt for Seo Won to retrieve the security key to a bank account that holds $30 million. The rest of the story revolves around how Eun Ha protects Seo Won from Kyung Pil. From here on, we see scenes of escape and chase in the city.

Special Delivery characters

Actors such as Park Soo Dam, Heo Dong Won, Jo Hee Bong, Yeom Hye Ran, Han Hyun Min and Hyen Joon Jung have played roles in this movie. In order to play the role of a versatile girl in this action movie, “Soo Dam Park” trained in martial arts and stunts twice a week for three months in order to prepare for this role.

Special Delivery project

“Special Cargo” is directed by “Park De Min”. He previously directed Sondal: The Man Who Sold the River, a comedy and family film that showcases the culture of the Korean people. Actors such as “Soo Dam Park”, “Hyu Dong Won”, “Jon Jung Hyun” and “Kim Yi Sung” are present in this movie. This is a South Korean action film that was released in 2022 and managed to sell nearly three and a half million dollars worldwide.

Co-starring the artistic couple in Special Delivery

“Soo Dam Park” and “Jun Jung Hyun” are prominent South Korean actors who have appeared in other films after the success of “Parasite” in 2019. The stunning success of the first film made Korean producers not to neglect the formula of these actors in selling their films. “Special cargo” with the presence of these two actors attracted the attention of the audience and brought good reviews.


Until now, we have seen movies and series that mostly dealt with the culture, history and social issues of the Korean people. It seems that with the production of films like “Special Cargo” we should see more Korean productions in the field of action films in the near future.


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