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Over the past years, Netflix has tried hard to capture a large share of the feature animation market. Netflix has so far had successful efforts such as Klaus and Apollo 10 1⁄2: A Space Age Childhood to relatively successful works such as The Willoughbys and Over the Moon, as well as the right to broadcast works such as The Mitchells vs. has bought the Machines and I Lost My Body.

The Sea Beast animation is the latest Netflix animation produced and distributed by the streaming service’s own animation studio, where Chris Williams, the director of Moana and Big Hero 6, directed and wrote the script for the Sea Beast animation. For this reason, many believe that this animation is actually very important for Netflix and its fledgling studio.

Sea Monsters follows the story of a young girl named Missy Bramble, who is on the ship of Jacob Holland, a legendary monster hunter, in search of glory, fame and great adventures. In fact, the events of The Sea Beast take place in a time when sea monsters are fighting against monster hunters, and Jacob Holland has achieved great fame and popularity. The animation has a strong and good start

In the beginning, we see the fascinating and epic battles between a sea monster and the group of Jacob Holland and Captain Crow, which promises a work that we have rarely seen in the world of animation, and now apparently Chris Williams has found the opportunity to make such a work, but right After that, the animation changes direction and tells a story that is very familiar. Of course, I should say from the beginning that The Sea Beast animation is a completely entertaining and attractive work that can entertain all family members and friends.

But the animation has one annoying point, and that is that instead of using the potential it has, it maintains more of the side of caution and is very similar to the works that Chris Williams himself was the director of before. At first glance, you can see several similarities between The Sea Beast animation and Moana animation. Missy has the status of Moana and Jacob has almost the status of Maui here, which have relatively similar relationships, which of course we see such relationships in other Disney animations.

Also, the sea adventure and the presence of a cute little monster like Poa, Moana’s cute pig, are other similarities. Of course, this blue monster is actually a funny character in many Disney animations, which we saw in Tangled and Frozen 2. In general, the story of the sea monster animation is very similar to the How to Train Your Dragon animation, which is more similar than any other work. Of course, Chris Williams has always been interested in producing an animation similar to this animation, and it can be said that this is the closest version of it.

Of course, the story similarity of The Sea Beast animation to How to Train Your Dragon animation is perhaps more than any other animation. The most important one is the existence of a false legend that says that monsters seek to hunt and destroy humans, and in the animation How to Train Your Dragon, the dragon has such a rule. In both works, the public’s belief is wrong, and all monsters do not intend to harm, and finally, the monster that everyone is afraid of, becomes friends with the main character of the story, and with the help of each other, they will make peace between monsters and hum Perhaps the only difference in the story in this section is that in The Sea Beast animation, we are no longer going to see monsters being tamed and humans living alongside them, and there are also differences here. But in general, the similarities between the two works are more than their differences, and it may be interesting to know that Williams initially decided to produce the Sea Monster animation for Disney, but for unknown reasons, this did not happen until he went to Netflix, which decided to Expand your animation studio. Of course, it is possible that Williams will decide to step out of Dan Hall’s shadow.

Meanwhile, the ending of the animation is still very similar to the Big Hero 6 animation, and in the end, it seems that Williams, rather than trying to produce a different work, has gone more towards creating an animation whose story and events are a combination of his own animations and How animation. to Train Your Dragon is. Obviously, I expected more before watching The Sea Beast animation, and unfortunately, despite the strong start of the animation, it gets repetitive very quickly. ans.

Williams may not have made an animation for Disney, but he actually produced a Disney animation for Netflix with the least possible changes, which if I didn’t see the Netflix logo at the beginning, I could easily tell it was a Disney animation. Of course, in the end, The Sea Beast animation becomes a fun work that can even be a lovely work, but the animation really had the potential to become a different work like the Klaus animation instead of just following the same system of Disney animations and How to Train Your Animation. Dragon will follow.

Regarding the story of The Sea Beast animation, we can only add that the animation does not have much new to say, and simply by changing the dragon with a monster and changing the theme and environment, it has become a different version of How to Train Your Dragon animation, which maybe finally There is also a way to make a sequel. From the technical point of view, the sea monster animation is considered one of the good and powerful works of Netflix. It may not be comparable to the works of Disney and Pixar, but it is a success for the fledgling Netflix studio.

The Sea Beast animation has a beautiful and eye-catching design, and we see many attractive and colorful scenes, which generally high technical quality with beautiful design has made us witness a well-made work. This is more visible in the case of the sea wave, which has been worked on more than any natural part. Of course, the design of the characters is still completely similar to Disney’s works, and at least it can be said that this is the style of Williams’ work and it cannot be faulted.

Obviously, after watching the animation Klaus or the animation The Mitchells vs. the Machines or even Arcane animation, we expect animations with a similar graphic style, but each director has his own style, and obviously we can expect the same style from the creator of Klaus animation as his previous animation. In the voice acting section, we see the good performance of Karl Urban and Jared Harris, who each had a brilliant performance in the role of Jacob and Captain Crow.


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