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In the review of the Peacemaker series, we put the latest work in the DC cinematic universe under the microscope, to see if the character of Peacemaker and the new story that James Gunn has planned for him, can create a big change among the works of this series. has it or not

Pacemaker is a character from the world of Charlton Comics, who eventually joined the DC universe after its shares were bought. However, he may never have had the opportunity to develop as strong a character as other popular characters such as the Flash, Batman, and Superman. However, as much as we see Pacemaker in the shadows in the world of comics, this year his character has found a special place in the DC cinematic universe thanks to an 8-part series.

The story of the Peacemaker series is told right after the events of the reboot movie The Suicide Squad. At the end of the movie, we saw Pacemaker killed by Bloodsport, then we met him in the hospital in one of the final scenes. He survives a bullet to the throat, and in a new story Gunn has written for him, he must face another space menace. But it’s not just the space threat that makes the story of Peacemaker exciting and interesting.

In fact, Pacemaker is not so much a main and decisive character in the world of comics, but in this new series, the author tells his story from his childhood and finally explains his goals to keep peace and tranquility at the cost of shedding blood. Pacemaker’s character development can be seen throughout the episodes, where he finally stops killing people blindly and makes a conscious decision. In the first episodes, Pacemaker is exactly the same character we saw in The Suicide Squad; Equally strange and equally funny and subpar. But gradually this process progresses due to other characters as well as the mental and physical conflict he has with his father so that even in the last episode Pacemaker makes a very decisive decision not to take the life of his enemy!

In fact, Pacemaker suffers from a mental illness for all the people he kills, in the same way James Gunn shows in the final episodes that he kills his father once again in his mind. But again, his thoughts appear next to him in the last scenes. It shows depth of characterization while staying true to Pacemaker’s comic book stories, plus it’ll introduce viewers to an incredibly different character in season two.

It should be noted that some elements and characters in this series have references to some cases in the Marvel universe. For example, Pacemaker is just as patriotic as Captain America and even has his own shield! His father also looked very similar to Iron Man at first glance. However, there are enough personality traits in Pacemaker to distinguish him from Captain America.

Leaving aside the discussion of characterization, which is one of the main features of the series, the story of Peacemaker is practically a head and neck higher than many other DC multi-part and multi-season series. This can be attributed to James Gunn’s creativity and John Cena’s super-professional game; Someone who really seems to be specially made for playing this role and knows his job very well!

However, apart from the story and character traits in the Peacemaker series, unfortunately, it must be said that this 8-episode narrative, just like The Suicide Squad, includes many jokes, some of which are extremely funny and some of which are not appropriate at all! Undoubtedly, James Gunn has his own style in directing and writing works, and even if 10 other Pacemaker series were to be made by James Gunn, probably all of them would be made again with the same jokes. But the thing is, if you compare the style of jokes in Peacemaker and TSS to another Gunn movie like The Guardians of The Galaxy, you will notice some differences.

In both modes, the characters use all kinds of jokes and pranks, but in the Peacemaker series, it’s very easy to recognize that sometimes the jokes become spoiled and too continuous. Also, in the series, Pacemaker is introduced a little more and better than his appearance in The Suicide Squad, but some time of each episode is dedicated to other characters, which can be one of the positives of James Gunn’s work. But sometimes this case is too much, just like Zorki’s jokes. Also, in the final episode of the series, the creators tried to portray the Justice League to get the viewer’s attention, but maybe this was the worst way to show them! Superman and Wonder Woman are just special effects, and on the other hand, Aquaman and Flash are part of Pacemaker’s jokes; Something we never expected!

Maybe it would have been a little better to use the members of the Justice League and a short display of their powers. Also, the addition of Superman without his face being seen raises the expectations of fans of DC movies and series to see him in future works. An expectation that, if not met with a good actor, will bring another setback for the future of the DC Cinematic Universe.

The Peacemaker series does not allow the viewer to get bored. Every moment of it is filled with action scenes with minimal use of CGI and includes an engaging story line with unique characterization. However, some of the character jokes in this series are just as forced as The Suicide Squad. so that they make the viewer very happy or sad for a short time.


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