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Greta Lee

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The film Past Lives is a drama and romance, directed and written by Celine Song. This romantic film, which is the first example of Celine Song’s feature film direction, was produced in 2023.

Actors of the film Past Lives

Figures such as Greta Lee as Nayoung, Teo Yoo as Haesung and John Magaro (Arthur) have played roles in this film.


Past Lives tells the story of two Korean people who fell in love at the age of twelve, and after Nayoung and her family moved to Toronto and changed her name to “Nora”, they remain unaware of each other, and after twelve years, they start communicating with each other long distance. ; But Nora leaves this relationship for the second time because she demands ambitious wishes and desires in the world of writing. Now these two meet each other after twenty four years when Nora is married.

The world of Past Lives

The movie is full of this type of unsophisticated and simple emotions. There is nothing unexpected in the feelings of these two people, but nevertheless, they love each other without any expectations. Visualizing their childhood memories, drawing on their hands, going to the park and talking about the future is what reminds them of watching childhood and the pure and pure feeling of love between two people, and really, nothing more is needed.

The social position of the film Past Lives

All in all, this heartwarming film tells a simple routine and a dynamic and tender relationship between the two main characters Nora (Greta Lee) and Hae-sung (Teo Yoo) while they live in different worlds. Clearly, Nora has a happy and romantic life with her husband, and Haesung lives far from luxury and comfort, and this means the growth of individuals in individual and positive worlds. Independent career, successful relationships and daily routine is a respectable background with pleasant frameworks. However, the undeniable connection between these two people (along with their personal lives) shapes the story.


Finally, it should be said that Past Lives is a story of two lives that took place in the past and are now constantly being reminded. It is as if the interest of these two people is timeless. And what the director is trying to express is the deep nature of real relationships. It is suggested that fans of romantic movies should watch this work.


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