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The Painkiller series is produced in the United States and was released on Netflix in 2023. The genre of American series Painkiller is drama and it was directed by Peter Berg. Uzo Aduba, Matthew Broderick, Sam Anderson and Clark Gregg are some of the actors in this series.

Painkiller series broadcast time

Painkiller was scheduled to premiere on Netflix on August 10, 2023, and all episodes were released on the same day. Also, the number of episodes of the Painkiller series is 6 episodes and the duration of each episode is between forty minutes and one hour. Filmotime reviews the Painkiller 2023 series and talks more about the story, actors and reviews of this series.


In short, the Painkiller series tells the story of the emergence of the opioid crisis with an emphasis on Purdue Pharma, which was a company owned by Richard Seckler and his family and the producer of a drug called OxyContin. To continue the story, you can watch the series Painkiller 2023.

Review of the American series Painkiller and its scores

In this part of the article, we will review the scores of the Painkiller 2023 series and its reviews. So far, this series has scored 7.5 out of 10, 51 out of 100 and 57 out of 100 respectively on the three famous movie and series sites IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review / Rob Owen: 80

This short Netflix series has managed to function independently. The Painkiller series tells its story more carefully in six episodes compared to the eight episodes of the Dopesick series.

San Francisco Chronicle / Mick LaSalle: 50

While watching Painkiller, I expected to like it, but after a while, when I thought about it, I felt sick.

Slant Magazine / Amelia Stout: 50

However, as the American series Painkiller builds towards its climax, its frequent changes in tone distract from the main story.

The A.V. Club / Gojjar Hall: 42

For anyone wanting to learn about this epidemic, the American series Painkiller might be worth watching. However, there are far better projects dealing with these crises, and this series feels like a missed potential.

The Independent / Nick Hilton: 40

After Dopesick, which treaded remarkably similar roads to Painkiller, it’s hard to believe we needed another series about the three-way collision between druggists, doctors, and victims. This is a story that has been told more comprehensively, more convincingly, and more importantly, more movingly elsewhere.

USA Today / Kelly Lawler: 33

Painkiller series has no seriousness and perspective. In many parts it is painful to watch. It’s boring to watch constantly.

Collider/Chase Hutchinson: 33

More than anything else, the Painkiller series seems unnecessarily weak in its focus on important issues. Almost all the characters in the show are shallow and there is a constant intolerance that makes the cast ready to break. When we get to the end of the series, it all comes out a little too cleanly, when the truth of this story is much more complicated.


In Filmotime, we introduced the American series Painkiller and talked about its story, actors and reviews. If you intend to watch this series despite the fact that it has received low scores on some famous movie and series websites, you can start downloading the Painkiller 2023 series.


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