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The trailer of the movie nope was able to attract many fans in the first screening. An interesting trailer that started many discussions about the features of the film. At first glance, the movie nope can be introduced as a western or a scary movie. Specs that if you’ve seen the movie, you know are kind of unkind. Be with us in the nope movie review.

Nope movie making

Jordan Peele has been able to prove to everyone that he is different from others with his previous works. Of course, anyone who has seen his first film, Get out, knows that making a good film with a low budget is not for everyone. His second work, Us, was also successful and was able to interpret identity issues and racial and class relations well. After these works, maybe it’s time to impress the world with an ambitious work, which nope has done well.

Nope movie genre

Combining the western genre with aliens isn’t something that many people have done. Of course, if you are a regular fan of western movies, you must have seen them; But nope has a new approach to this style. Starting the film with a slow rhythm in a farm is not something that will appeal to the audience. The whole charm of these beginnings is that we know that these few minutes are the only calm before the storm.

Comments about nope

The difference of the film, which is very attractive from the point of view of many critics, is considered controversial for many audiences. According to some people, this film is full of symbols and its decoding is attractive for the viewer, but others believe that the film has not been able to convey its message to the audience due to its complexity.

characters in nope

The beauty of the movie nope is not limited only to its horror. It can even be said that this film, in addition to being scary, can also be classified as science fiction. This dangerous creature remains unseen in most parts of the film, so that the viewer is thirsty to see it along with the heroes of the story.
Of course, the film in some places approaches the goal of the characters in the story; They come close to photographing the alien but fail to capture the final image.


It can be argued that Nope is worth watching. Its complex concepts are not the only things that the director intended to present. It’s good to enjoy the tension in the movie, watch the scenes and talk about it after the movie.


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