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Napoleon was a valuable and expensive action, adventure and biographical film that deals with the life of one of the greatest military leaders in history. This film was also successful at the box office and sold more than 500 million dollars worldwide. In this article, we introduce This movie is about to stay with FilmoTime.

Napoleon actors

Napoleon is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby, Marie-Jose Cruz, Ben Mendelsohn, Toby Jones, Josie Lynn, Julianne Moore, Adam Brody, Jeffrey Wright and Ralph Fiennes. This movie tells the life story of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor.


The story of the film begins with Napoleon’s childhood in Corsica and continues until his death on the island of St. Helens. The film deals with Napoleon’s youth, the height of his power and his fall. Napoleon offers a fascinating and exciting experience with a good performance by Joaquin Phoenix, impressive special effects and beautiful cinematography.

Positive and negative points of Napoleon movie

The good performance of Joaquin Phoenix and the impressive special effects and excellent cinematography will take you to the historical period of this work. It is.


All in all, Napoleon is a successful and entertaining movie that is worth watching. This film offers an epic historical film with a good performance by Joaquin Phoenix and impressive special effects. It is recommended that you do not neglect to see it.


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