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Animations have many fans in the world, and many film companies produce and market new products in this genre every year. One of the newest animations of 2023, which is a product of Ukraine and has a very good sale at the box office, is “Mavka. Lisova pisnya”, which we are going to introduce at Filmotime.

Making animation Mavka. Lisova pisnya

The animation “Mavka. Lisova pisnya” or “Mavka: Forest Melody” is one of the most successful and popular animations released to date in 2023. The genre of this animation is comedy, fantasy, adventure and family, and it was directed by Oleh Malamuzh and Oleksandra Ruban. The script of this animation was written by Yaroslav Voitseshek and it was adapted from a Ukrainian play called The Frost Song written by Lesya Ukrainka. The production of this animation is by Iryna Kostiuk, Yehor Olesov. Yehor Olesov) and Anna Yelisieeva.

Mavka manufacturing companies. Lisova pisnya

Big companies have also been involved in making this animation, including Animagrad Animation Studio and Film.UA Group. In addition, this 99-minute animation, which is also in English, was broadcasted by two companies, Film.UA Group and Kinomania.


This animation tells the story of a girl named Mauka who lives in the forest and her duty is to protect plants, trees and keep the nature of the forest healthy. During the story, we meet a young musician named Lucas. In order to save his uncle Leo, who is sick, Lucas accepts the offer of the ruthless Killina and enters this forbidden and mysterious forest in search of the tree of life. Killina does not care about Lucas’s uncle and has other sinister thoughts in her head and wants to reach the tree of life and attain eternal youth. Meanwhile, Mauka meets Lucas by chance and enjoys his musical talent. In the continuation of the story, feelings develop between him and Lucas…

Mavka animation voice actors. Lisova pisnya

In the case of the animation “Mauka: Melody of the Jungle”, the voice actors have performed very well and have been able to greatly influence the attractiveness of this work. In the following, we will introduce the voice actors of this animation:
Nataliya Denisenko is the voice actress of the role of Mavka
Artem Pivovarov is the voice actor of the role of Lucas
Elena Kravets is the voice actress of the role of Kylina
Serhiy Prytula is the voice actor of the role of Frol
Nazar Zadneprovskiy is the voice actor of the role of Lesh
Oleh Mykhailyuta is the voice actor of Uncle Leo
Yuliya Sanina is the voice actress of the role of Ondina
Oleg Skripka voice actor of Great Spirits


As we mentioned before, this animation attracted the attention of most viewers after its release, and critics have given average to high marks to this work. It is recommended that fans of animation must watch this beautiful work.


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