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Allison Williams

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The movie M3GAN is a sci-fi genre that links to the haunted doll model of the horror genre; But it’s easier to have fun with it as a relatively well-made comedy!
M3GAN is not actually a horror movie. Of course; If you search its name on Google, you will come across the word Horror to describe the genre of the movie.

M3GAN movie genre

We are talking about a work that has moments based on the suspension of an unpleasant incident, rather explicit violence or clichéd jump scares. And well – compliments should be left aside – the stone face, voice and tone of speech, and body movements of the doll of the same name with the film, despite the apparent defamiliarization of the disorderliness of the previous examples of the genre, are still annoying and awkward! But if you’re a fan of The Conjuring or Annabelle and picked up Megan hoping for another mind-bending experience, Gerard Johnston’s second feature film will disappoint you.

Gemma in the movie M3GAN

Gemma (Allison Williams) must learn this lesson. The main character of the movie, and the creator of M3GAN; The super-intelligent doll of the story. Plot’s inciting incident involves Gemma’s little niece, Kiddie (Violet McGrath); And now she must find time to spend with a lonely little girl between the insistence of the company’s higher-ups on designing a new, cheaper version of the furry doll, and her own efforts to end Megan’s production.

Character M3GAN

M3GAN is a programmed robot. Like any other robot, it has the task of executing the codes given to it by its intelligent creator. After this angle, Megan finds the function of a mediator. A bridge that brings the programmer’s instructions to actions in the real world. From this point of view, Gemma and Megan’s relationship is a repetition of Annabelle’s pattern. If we liken M3GAN to a possessed doll, Gemma is placed in the position of an evil spirit. This is an interesting thematic mischief that Cooper has considered in writing the script.


M3GAN manages to create an engaging cinematic experience despite its scattered comic situations, thanks to the ample energy of Gerard Johnston’s visual style, his believable ability to set scenes, the appropriate narrative rhythm of Akla Cooper’s script, and the good music of Anthony Willis. Although it seems difficult to take the horror suspense of the film seriously in such circumstances, it is not too difficult to surrender yourself to the experience of watching the film. Because Megan is a really fun movie.


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