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The movie Love and Leashes 2022 is made in South Korea. The Korean movie love and reins is in the genre of romance, drama and comedy. This movie is based on the webtoon “Ethical Sense” by Giyul. The director of this movie is Park Hyun Jin and starring Lee Joon Young, Seo Hyun Woo with a little BDSM flavor.

Synopsis Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes 2022 A happy and provocative romance develops between a couple with different personalities and tastes. At work, Jung Ji Ho is blunt, cold, straightforward, but admired by his female colleagues. One of them accidentally opens a package of his own which confuses him. Ji Woo had just revealed his sex charm to everyone. Long discussions with Ji-ho are going on and it comes to a suitable arrangement for both of them.

Love and Leashes 2022 movie stars

“Jung Ji Soo” plays the role of “Lee Joon Young” in Love and Leashes 2022. Lee Joon is a man who hides his secret taste behind his perfect appearance. The key to the film’s success lies in how bravely and cleverly the film reveals and presents the unique story of a hidden sexuality discovered by a colleague.


The movie Love and Leashes has been one of the most popular Korean movies. The viewers of this movie were satisfied with the author’s and director’s way of looking at fantasy, but some of them preferred the original webtoon version to this movie. Despite the believable and attractive characters, the modern look and even the good performance of Netflix, this movie is still among the Korean movies that should not be watched with the family.


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