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At Filmotime, we try to introduce new and famous movies, series and animations in the world. Today, when most people are attracted to technology, the cinema industry tries to place itself in homes.
It can be said that there are different genres that exhibit very good works and bring reality and non-realities to the screen.
Genres: romance, horror, comedy, drama, mystery, action, crime, etc.

Archive up to date

The Filmotime site is one of the many film and series introduction sites, and in addition to having daily films, it also provides an archive of old and lesser-known films with updated articles to its users.

Filmotime categories

Filmotime has also categorized movies by genre. In addition to the introduction of films, this site examines the making of films or the introduction and news of artists. In addition to the appropriate categories, you can download the movie trailer links on imdb and trailer links on reputable sites.


Thank you for your support until the end of this article, which introduced Filmotime. . In the meantime, dear friends, you can refer to Filmotime’s Instagram to know the most important movies of different genres and the summary of reviews of the movies of the day.

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