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Rob Lowe

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Dog Gone is a 2023 American drama and family movie directed by Stephen Herek, produced and released by Blackjack Films Inc and Story Ink . Dog Gone was also written by Nick Santora and stars Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Rob Lowe, Susan Gallagher, Johnny Berchtold, Nick Payne, Suji Arai, Annabella Didion . Cole, Rachel Thompson, Kathleen Farrugia, Caroline Sky, etc. have played roles in it; Also, the movie ” Dog gone” is based on real events.

Dog Gone movie release date

For the first time on January 13, 2023 by NETFLIX streaming service in America, England, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and other countries. It is published online at the same time; Lost Dog is co-produced by Claire Brooks, Rob Lowe, Jarin Rossiter, Nick Santora, Jordan Schmidt, Michael J. Oran, and Jeremy Kip Walker, and directed by Michael Martinez.

The impact of the Dog Gone

Gone Dog takes place after a man and a dog get separated on the Appalachian Trail, and they must start their search to find the dog before it’s too late . But this incident restores the broken relationship between father and son after a long time.
The movie Dog Gone is based on the true story of a father and son who embark on an adventure in the forest and mountains to find their beloved dog who is terminally and has less than a month to live. Their relationship is revived again. The Lost Dog movie is divided into different parts.

Different parts of Dog Gon movie

:In the first part :We are with Fielding Marshall, who has problems in his social relationships and does not have a good relationship with his father and his future is uncertain.

:In the second part :We have a dog that will actually change the life of Fielding and his family, and now this dog which has Addison’s disease, has gone missing, and Fielding and his father have started a joint adventure to find it . Although the subject and story of the film is not new and is actually a common cliché in similar films in Hollywood, we have seen an interesting story of the relationship and friendship between dogs andumans in the movie Togo.

While Dog Gone has an interesting theme and we expect it to tell such a touching story that will stir our emotions in the end. Dog Gone lacks something that makes it never reach that point, and perhaps it happens from the very beginning of the film. Where we see Fielding’s last days studying at the university without any special introduction, who without any special background decides to accept the task of taking care of a dog and we practically know nothing. Fielding is actually a lonely character who doesn’t know his future properly and now with Gunker entering his life, his dog now actually has a friend who even understands him.

Weaknesses of the movie dog gone

Dog gone has a missing piece that he will never find. In fact, the filmmakers have the feeling that the viewer knows the story from zero to one hundred and for that reason, except for the mother, they do not bother to show any part of the past or the identity of the characters .
The background story of the mother of the family in dog gone is as interesting as it gets, but still not well executed. The last part is portrayed as dry and artificial to a large extent and there is no moment that makes us sympathize with this character and get close to him. This is exactly the problem with the entire movie, starting from the very beginning when the character takes care of a dog without any explanation and continues until the end.


Dog Gone has many touching and heartwarming moments that you can enjoy watching the movie and witness the formation of a father-son relationship and how a dog can change a family . Dog Gone follows the true story of the friendship between a human and a dog, and now the protagonist must find his sick dog before he dies . In any case, the short time of the movie makes many parts of the story to be deleted and the only witness Let’s summarize the adventure to find Ganker as well as the re-formation of the father-son relationship. Dog Gone has many problems, but it can still be a good option for those who are looking for such movies .


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