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Jamie Foxx

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Day Shift is an action comedy that constantly oscillates between simple and primitive, and the relatively shallow script struggles with its world-building, creating cold characters with hollow motivations. Next, we will review this movie.

Day Shift movie genre

Since the advent of silent films, works centered on vampires have been a mainstay of international cinema. As a result, the way vampires are portrayed in the popular culture of most people around the world is heavily influenced by these films. This genre has a long history in the history of cinema and has occasionally entered the field in different styles such as horror, comedy, action, superhero, dramatic or even emotional.

The vampire in the movie Day Shift

Day Shift is one of the newest vampire movies on Netflix. But movies with this theme have gone out of fashion these years. The concept of a creature with fangs sucking blood from people’s necks while being killed by sunlight is so absurd and silly that it’s been used as the basis of a comedy in movies like Hotel Transylvania and What We Do in the Shadows. . However, Netflix’s newest original dares to bring back serious vampires.

Synopsis of Day Shift

Day Shift is an action comedy about a pool cleaner named Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) who tries to provide for his family the only way he knows how. That way is nothing but killing vampires and selling their teeth. The screenplay, written by Tyler Tice and Shay Hutton, establishes Bud as a well-meaning father who works hard to provide for his daughter. However, he needs $10,000 in less than a week or his family will be moving to Florida.

Disadvantages of Day Shift movie

Lots of good stuff here. Most of the action sequences are quite well staged, but the editing and filming of the action is such that they don’t reach their full potential. There are a lot of boring cuts and shot choices within these sequences and these elements really hurt the final product.


The look of the film is also perfectly in line with everything that makes Day Shift a fun action movie, but it’s also completely forgettable. Day Shift doesn’t make for a compelling and memorable watch that sticks in people’s minds like John Wick. This movie really needed a better vision behind the camera and in its director’s chair, one that could take the opportunity to tell such a strange story in a better and more creative way.


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