Past Lives

Introduction The film Past Lives is a drama and romance, directed and written by Celine Song. This romantic film, which is the first example of Celine Song’s feature film direction, was produced in 2023. Actors of the film Past Lives Figures such as Greta Lee as Nayoung, Teo Yoo as Haesung and John Magaro (Arthur) […]

Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes

Introduction The movie Love and Leashes 2022 is made in South Korea. The Korean movie love and reins is in the genre of romance, drama and comedy. This movie is based on the webtoon “Ethical Sense” by Giyul. The director of this movie is Park Hyun Jin and starring Lee Joon Young, Seo Hyun Woo […]

Special Delivery

Special Delivery-filmotime

Introduction The Korean movie Special Delivery (Special Delivery), which is also known as Special Delivery, is the name of an action, crime, thriller film produced in South Korea, written and directed by Park Dae Min, which was produced in 2022. Summary of the story of Special Delivery The story of the movie Special Delivery is […]