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adventur genre animation

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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adventur genre animation

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adventur genre animation

The Amazing Maurice

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adventur genre animation

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adventur genre animation


Introduction In the realm of animation, few films have touched the hearts of audiences as much as “Ghost,” Pixar’s 2020 masterpiece. This captivating cinematic creation

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In most of the animations, the comedy part was always active and felt completely. Many products in the world of animation have features that bring a smile to the face of the audience whether they like it or not. Stay with Filmotime to introduce you to a selection of the most interesting and funniest animated films of all time.


Animation of the comedy genre is not made alone and has always been alongside all genres such as family, drama, action, etc. In the field of comedy, there are many animations to introduce, and we will discuss some of the best ones.

Red animation

Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Director: Domi Shi
Release date: March 11, 2022
Company product: Walt Disney, Pixar/Broadcast from Walt Disney Studios
The first comedy genre animation that we introduce in this article is Redness. Trailers and early reviews build anticipation for a funny and engaging animation. The latest product of two popular companies, Disney and Pixar, is an animation called Red, which tells the story of the experiences of a thirteen-year-old teenage girl who is going through strange days. Because when excited or nervous, Maylin turns into a giant red panda.

Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild animation

Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Director: John Dunkin
Release date: January 28, 2022
Company product: 20th Century Studio, Walt Disney Company/ Broadcast on Disney Plus
Buck Wild’s Ice Age Adventures is a comedy genre animation produced by Walt Disney Company, directed by John C. Dunkin has been in charge.
Except for Simon Pegg, who has voiced the character of Buck Wilde, other artists such as Vincent Tang, Aaron Harris, Justina Machado and Utkaresh Ambedkar are also present in this work. The story of the film is about opossum brothers Crush and Eddy, who join Buck Wild on an adventurous journey to learn independent life.

Animation Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Director: Derek Drymon, Jennifer Kloska
Release date: January 14, 2022
Company product: Sony Pictures Animation, Columbia Pictures/ Amazon distribution
One of the latest animations of the successful comedy genre Hotel Transylvania shows an interesting effect. When after doing an experiment Johnny turns into a monster while others become human. Now it remains to be seen whether they will succeed in reversing the experiment before it is too late and return both Johnny to his original form and his monstrous life.
Initially, Sony Pictures Studio was supposed to release this film on October 1 last year in the United States. But after canceling the release of the film due to restrictions related to the Corona pandemic, this studio handed over the right to broadcast the film to Amazon Studio for one hundred million dollars.

The Willoughbys animation

Genre: Adventure Comedy
Director: Chris Pern
Release date: April 22, 2020
Company product: Netflix
Another comedy genre animation can be mentioned The Willoughbys animation. Due to various reasons, the children of the Willoughby family came to the conclusion that they are better able to raise themselves, so their careless parents sent them on a dangerous vacation. A clever plan that of course did not bring the desired result. They must now embark on an exciting quest.


We have reached the end of this article by introducing this number of comedy genre animations. Of course, it should be mentioned that this genre has filled a large part of the animation industry and all of them cannot be reviewed in this article. Which animation do you think is funnier? Attractive works of art that will shine in the audience’s mind until the end of their lives and by remembering them, a satisfied smile will be placed on the audience’s lips. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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