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Introduction The world of animation has continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity and storytelling, offering audiences a diverse range of genres and narratives. One of

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Animation is one of the arts that has attracted all kinds of age groups. We have introduced many of them in Filmotime. In this article, we will examine some of the action genre animations.


Until today, the animation industry has been able to produce many good works in different genres. Many people think that animations are more dedicated to the colorful world of love stories and there is always a beautiful princess story, while in the colorful world of animation, other genres are also taken into consideration by the creators.
Including exciting stories, full of fights and genre-action animation, which are narrated in an attractive and sometimes surprising way due to the special atmosphere of such works.

Rango animation

Genre: Action, Adventure
Director: Gore Verbinski
Year of construction: 2011
IMDB: 2.7
Rango animation with the voice of Johnny Depp was able to give a new life to the western world to be a pleasant and colorful singer in a colorless and unfamiliar world.
Rango, a beloved chameleon as a pet, suddenly finds himself thirsty and alone in a barren desert. Rango accidentally arrived in a border town and soon he is chosen as the new sheriff of the town and by being in exciting situations and dealing with the cruelty he witnesses, he puts on the clothes of a real hero.

Raya and the Last Dragon animation

Genre: Action, Adventure
Director: Don Hall, Carlos Lopez Estrada
Year of construction: 2021
IMDB: 3/7
Another action genre animation is Raya and the Last Dragon. Animation in the action genre, which follows the same classic policy of Disney’s cinematic works and takes new approaches. Expertly voiced in the Disney canon, Raya and the Last Dragon continues to grow the studio’s representation. Kelly Marie Tran, Aquafina, Isaac Wang, and Gemma Chen are among the voice actors who contributed to the production.

Kung Fu Panda animation

Genre: Action, Adventure
Director: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson
Year of construction: 2008
IMDB: 7/6
Kung Fukar Panda movie series is one of the popular works of action genre animation, which is highly recommended to watch because of its lively atmosphere.
The story of this animation is about a fat panda named Po who, at the height of his and others’ disbelief, is chosen as a dragon warrior and protector of the Peace Valley. He must prove his worth and get ready to face stubborn enemies who threaten the lives of the residents of the region and their peace.


We have reached the end of this article, however, a large number of action genre animations have been made in the world of cinema, which can be enjoyed. In all genres, animation is always brilliant and relevant to all ages, and it cannot be limited to children and teenagers. We hope you are satisfied with reading this article.


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