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Brad Pitt

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The movie Bullet Train is a work in the genre of action, thriller and of course comedy, directed by David Leach. This movie received a lot of attention from the beginning and when the teasers and trailer were released . The reason for this attention was, on the one hand, the presence of actors like Brad Pitt in the film, and on the other hand, the inherently very attractive location of the story, that is, a high-speed train where the entire story of the film takes place. In fact, the characters of the film are not seen outside the train except for a few minutes, and they are completely present in the train.

Bullet Train movie summary

Bullet Train begins in a hospital. A child who was thrown from the top of a building and is now in a hospital and his father is taking care of him. This father receives a message that seems to be from the person who brought that calamity on his child. So he is invited to the high-speed train to meet the desired person.

Bullet Train movie characters

We have the character of Brad Pitt, nicknamed Ladybug, who enters the train for a robbery mission. He’s supposed to grab a bag full of money and get off the train at the next stop, simple as that. But due to the bad luck that always plagues him, two other important characters with the nicknames Tangerine and Lemon are present in this train. They have a mission from the head of Japan’s biggest mafia group called White Death. They were tasked with rescuing his son, who had been taken hostage, as well as returning the money he had paid to the hostage-takers for his son’s release. Ironically, this money is the same money that Ladybug’s character, played by Brad Pitt, is looking for its thieves.

Strengths of Bullet Train movie

In fact, Bullet Train is successful in creating comedy moments in its script. Perhaps the best feature and greatest strength of the Bullet Train movie script is the creation of comedy moments. Moments that happen in timely periods of time and make the audience smile. Most of these comedies are well thought out and true. The movie Bullet Train is generally a successful work. He can make a comedy, he has good acting, he has used the location well, he has a good script in the comedy department, he has a remarkable direction and action, and besides all this, he has an interesting story that engages the audience.

Weaknesses of Bullet Train movie

One of the problems Bullet Train is dealing with is the multitude of characters. This does not mean that there is a problem with having too many characters in a movie. But Bullet Train treats all its characters the same way. The problem is that all characters are paid the same way. The character of Greg, who is on the train for maybe two minutes in total, is paid as much as the character of Limo. This makes the audience unable to get closer to a character. As a result, the characters are not developed as they should be and all are present in the same level.

Characterization of Bullet Train

But Bullet Train fails in characterization. It pays all the characters equally, even the ones with the least presence in the film. This issue makes all the characters and events in front of them insignificant. As a result, the emotional moments of the film from the death of Tangerine to other moments are not formed.


The movie Bullet Train is an entertaining work that can keep the audience well in these days of entertainment cinema, this happens with the unique performance of its acting team, who appear very well in different moments of the movie, especially in the comedy part.


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