Beau Is Afraid

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Ari Aster


Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Amy Ryan

Patti LuPone


There is something to fear and laugh in Ari Ester’s new film, which can be attributed to a new style.

Dream filmmaking

There are enough jokes in “Beau Is Afraid” to describe it as a comedy, but it’s too disturbing to pass as horror, and the scary moments are so absurd that they sometimes mock comedy. So, if I were to pin this seemingly indefinable film into a genre, I’d call Beau Is Afraid a “cinema of anxiety” along the lines of the Coen Brothers’ A Serious Man, Shivaay Baby, or Uncut Jewels. I define the Safadi brothers.

Beau Is Afraid movie technically

Beau Is Afraid is a well made film in all technical aspects. Cinematography and editing are magnificently intertwined to create true Hollywood magic. There are also animated transitions that use color to enhance frames. The visual jumps from one shot to another are also beautiful in this film. There are so many incredible shots that really add depth to each scene. Plus the set design is brilliant and full of clues to a pointless mystery.

The movie Beau Is Afraid conceptually

An odyssey-like journey to nowhere; The plot of Beau Is Afraid can be described as a series of episodic stories, all of which stem from the journey of Beau Wasserman (Joaquin Phoenix as an adult, Armen Nahaptian in childhood flashbacks) to attend the funeral of his abusive mother Mona (Patti Le Pen). . Mona is a successful businesswoman whose company manufactures a range of specialty products. Bo, on the other hand, lives in a horrible apartment where he can barely do anything but is afraid to leave.


In short, this is a summary of Ari Ester’s disturbed and sadistic mind, which if you are an audience of his works, you must see it personally and find a personal interpretation for it. But the best thing I can say about this movie is that Yester is trying to shame her mom and tell the world that she is a horrible person.


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