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Korean series alchemy of the soul Alchemy of Souls is a product of the tvN network in partnership with the Netflix global platform. The broadcast of this series started on June 18, 2022 (corresponding to June 28, 1401).

Producers of the Alchemy of Souls series

The Korean series Alchemy of Souls is directed by Park Joon Hwa. Hong Mi Ran and Hong Jung eun , who are also known as the Hong sisters, were the writers of this series . The Alchemy of Souls series is one of the latest works that has managed to narrate magic, power and love with an attractive story. A series in which we see the performance of a large number of skilled and capable Korean actors.

Synopsis of Alchemy of Souls

The story of the Alchemy of Souls series is told in a fictional country called Daeho . A place where magic takes the first place and many magicians have gained power since the beginning of this land. magicians with different backgrounds; Those who are both the symbol of good and the embodiment of evil. In this series, we see different narratives of different characters, but the two main characters of this series, Jang Uk and Nak Su, are the main foundations of this story.

Cast of Alchemy of Souls series

The Alchemy of Souls series is a colorful festival of old and new actors from the K-drama world. Actors who each have achieved many successes and honors. In this series, we see the return of Jung So Min to the world of Korean series.
Also, in this series, we see Lee Jae Wook playing the role of Jang Ook. Other actors of this series include Hwang Min-hyun as Seo Yul, Shin Seung-ho as Go Won, Oh Na Ra ) as Kim Do jo (Kim Do jo), Jo Jae yoon as Jin Mu (Jin Mu), Yoo Jung sang as Park Jin (Park Jin).

A combination of love and magic

The Alchemy of Souls series may seem like a work that only focuses on the introduction of magic and its effects. Nevertheless, love also has a special place in this series. The Alchemy of the Spirit series has managed to create a good balance between love and magic, and this issue has doubled the appeal of this work. In general, it can be pointed out that the Alchemy of Souls series is like a breath of fresh air for the fantasy genre and lovers of this particular genre.


Power is undoubtedly one of the most popular things in this world and every human seeks to achieve it. Now, if this power is combined with magic, it can definitely be said that a person who has a magical power is one of the most invincible beings in this world. Magic, according to the legends that exist, has existed since the very first days of human creation and is increasing day by day. We have watched this subject for several years in Korean and sometimes Hollywood series, and we can definitely say that some of these works have been able to portray the issue of magic well.


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